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Coastal bean

Fava beans (also known as fava beans) are true all-rounders. They have some very positive effects on the agricultural ecosystem and contribute to a favorable climate balance of agriculture.

Unlike other plant species, field beans can actively absorb atmospheric nitrogen and convert it naturally into nutritionally valuable essential amino acids. This reduces the input of artificial fertilizers into the soil, thus reducing emissions of climate-damaging gases and ensuring clean groundwater.

Bodengesundheit und Biodiversität
Anbaugebiet/Cultivation Area 2

In the field, fava beans in crop rotation improve soil health and performance as well as the quality of the following crop. A positive side effect is that fava bean reduce production costs for farmers by requiring less mineral fertilizer, energy and pesticides. Thus, fava bean simultaneously increase efficiency and reduce resource consumption. In agriculture, they are therefore often used in the form of catch crops as a soil improvement measure.

Visionary coast

The idea for the cultivation and development of our premium field bean products was born in the heart of an important bean-growing region directly on the German North Sea coast.

Premium quality

Close to the sea, our beans ripen in perfect growing conditions, and we constantly stay in touch with the producers. Further processing in Bremen also takes place at the highest level of quality standards.

Added value

Through further processing that is highly focused, we are opening up new areas of uses for the field bean.