ROLAND BEANS GmbH was founded in 2019 as a joint venture of the companies RAISA and ROLAND MILLS UNITED. This enables us to perfectly pool our complementary competencies in cultivation, raw material supply, processing and utilisation technology of fava beans along the supply chain.

We offer our customers a secure supply of specific products made from legumes and therefore contribute to the further development of a sustainable and resource-saving food industry.

For our customers, we are reliable and innovative partners in the development of new uses of field beans. This way, we support them in exploiting the advantages of the fava bean –  our active contribution to sustainability in resource and climate protection.

Roland Mills United

  • Leading grain mill and producer of hydro-functionally modified special flours

  • 2019 Investment and construction of a gluten-free processing line for grinding and fractionation of starch and protein from legumes


  • RAISA is now one of the largest primary cooperatives in Germany
  • Active in diverse branches of the agricultural business
  • RAISA is operationally active regionally, but in the age of globalization and digitalization has a network of holdings with national and international interconnections

Foundation in
summer 2019

Marketing of
processed legumes
for EU and export

Roland Mills United GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional milling company in Northern Germany with many years of experience in the production of safe and customer-specific grain milling products. Its expertise in various food processing applications is highly appreciated by its customers.
Early on, the company opened up new usabilities for its milling products with innovative processing methods such as hydrothermal treatment. Being its latest innovation, the company has invested in a plant for grinding and protein enrichment of fava beans and other legumes. This is a response to the changing needs of consumers, living in a world where the importance of a sustainable diet that protects resources is growing. A strict separation between production and conveying lines ensures allergen-free products.

Today, RAISA eG is one of the largest primary cooperatives in Germany and is regionally active in the diverse branches of the agricultural business. It is an agricultural company and local supplier for the region. In the RAISA Foods division, RAISA eG organizes, among other things, the regional cultivation of fava beans and thus ensures the needs-based supply of the joint venture Roland Beans GmbH. In this way, Roland Beans GmbH is making new use of the unused market potential of the fava bean in this traditional cultivation area. In this way, the biodiversity of the region’s soils is simultaneously improved and preserved for the next generation.

With a plant for cleaning and shelling fava beans at the Cadenberge site, a regional value chain has been established with international marketing of the products as well. Today, the company owes its outstanding market position in the marketing of fava beans to the pioneering spirit of its founders.