Our broad bean variations are simply delicious and offer many positive effects on the texture and taste of your product ideas.




Excellent functionality

of protein and starch in many food applications, for an attractive texture and mouthfeel

Variety of flavors

Taste controlled either by our processes or by our customers processes and formulations

Nutty aroma

Field bean flour naturally has a nutty flavor that gives many foods an interesting taste. It can therefore also be used deliberately to flavor food. We can control the strength of this nutty aroma.


ROLAND BEANS can be used as an alternative to wheat flour in many recipes, for example. It can improve the taste of food, especially if it is intended to be gluten-free.

Texture improvement

ROLAND BEANS can also improve the texture of food. It can give them a softer, more delicate texture or a chrunchy mouthfeel

Rich in protein

Field bean meal contains a high protein content. This can also improve the taste of food, as proteins are often perceived as flavor-enhancing.

Field bean flour naturally has a slightly bitter taste. We have carefully removed this from our debittered flours.