Produce at the highest level

Value chain

ROLAND BEANS is a joint venture between the North German primary cooperative RAISA eG and the milling company ROLAND MILLS UNITED.

We combine the expertise of our joint venture partners to create an end-to-end value chain.


Choice of variety
& cultivation

RAISA eG ensures the regional cultivation of the right field bean varieties in the required quantities, thus guaranteeing a reliable supply of the right raw material.

Anbaugebiet/Cultivation Area 2


The vegetation period is accompanied by RAISA. RAISA ensures that the raw materials are stored properly from the time they are harvested.
Verarbeitung/Processing Cadenberge

Preliminary stage

In Cadenberge, the field beans are professionally cleaned and separated from the hull.

Verarbeitung/Processing Bremen


ROLAND MILLS UNITED produces flour, high-protein flour and meal from hulled Fava beans under gluten-free process conditions.



If necessary, the broad bean is debittered in a hot process or refined in further processes to meet customer requirements.

Fahrender Lastwagen


Our experienced and efficient logistics team ensures that products are delivered on time.