From December 3 – 5 this year, the new joint venture ROLAND BEANS GmbH will present itself at FI 2019 in Paris. The company was founded this year by Bremen-based ROLAND MILLS UNITED GmbH & Co KG together with FAVA-TRADING GmbH & Co KG from Cadenberge. The company taps the potential and valuable properties of the native fava bean in a variety of ways.

FAVA-TRADING is an innovative group of farmers and buys raw material directly from the producer, cleans, sorts and hulls the pulses in a newly built food-grade production facility not far from Cuxhaven. In the regional value chain, ROLAND BEANS already influences the subsequent product quality “in the field” and controls it seamlessly throughout the entire process.

At the Bremen plant, ROLAND MILLS UNITED grinds the provided primary products on a separate production line and brings its extensive and long-standing expertise in food processing to the table. one. The variety of applications for fava beans is significantly expanded by hydrothermal treatment, among other things. ROLAND MILLS UNITED has been successfully applying this process to its Galileo wheat products for many years.

Domestic field beans are experiencing a renaissance, are an important contribution to healthy nutrition and make a positive contribution to climate protection. ROLAND BEANS products are rich in allergen-free protein and are also gluten-free and GMO-free. Nutritionally, fava beanhave the best properties: With a balanced starch/protein ratio, they contain all essential amino acids at the same time. The low fat content has a positive effect on the processing and extrusion properties. As a compelling alternative to soy, ROLAND BEANS products can be used in a variety of food applications. They are used in baked goods, snacks, extrudates, pasta, breading, meat products, dairy products and delicatessen products, among others.


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